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martes, 7 de enero de 2014

Staghound: Green oils / Óleos verdes

This time, I have decided to separate the "oil work" in several steps. I have started with the green ones. The idea is to add tonal richness to the base and "carry" the overall hue to a greener side.

He decidido separar el trabajo de los óleos en pasos. He empezado con los verdes con la idea de incrementar la riqueza tonal de la base y "llevármela" más hacia los verdes.

4 comentarios:

  1. Very nice painting, I like the differents shades of green, it brings a great deep of the hue and a more natural aspect of the volume than a complete modulation painting. Well done !

  2. Espectacular trabajo de modulación con óleos. Lo intentaré.